Songs from the sunset

by The Gypsy Vanner

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released December 18, 2014



all rights reserved


The Gypsy Vanner Indianapolis, Indiana

Dark blues, rusty, dusty cowboy shit...

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Track Name: Sacred & Sworn
Hold me closer now
Don't let me go away
It's been long now, I've been far away
For all that we've held as pure and sweet
Hold me closer now, hold me in my sleep
Walking in open fields, as old leaves fall down
Another Autumn is gone, it's almost Winter now
Are we supposed to be like this cold winter out?
Freezing up the streams? Blowing fires out?
Hold me closer now
Don't let the winter be
Don't put the fire out, let it burn in me
We've been more than stones pilled up on hills
But still sacred and sworn
Hold me closer now, and let me fall asleep
Track Name: Invisible
Away it goes, hot air ballon flies
Gone with the wind, makes it invisible
The city lights from affar seem like a million stars shinning down below
I swear it makes the world seem so small
Far it goes, a commet
I'll make a wish to be back home before the summer is gone
My heart is still, dormant
I'll meet you half way in my sleep
Quiet into the night
With no place to land on down below
Don't wake up
I'll take you home now
Track Name: Tale of a wasted land
I lick the tip of my finger to trace the course of the wind
But there is no hope for life to settle in the plains across these fields
You told you once, as I told you before
This place is not what it seems, and it never was
As blade cuts the flesh, blood spills on the ground
It has fed the earth in years before, and still makes things grow all around
I told you once, as I told you before
This place is not what it seemed, and it never was
No gold, no silver, no grass
No honor to be found in men
Just killers, robbers and whores
In this God-forsaken land
I'll tell you this once, and I won't tell it again
You btter leave this place while you can
No looking behind
No turning back
I spoted a white dog wondering over the hills
Contrary to what I was told, there's life across these fields
No hope, perhaps, it's true, in this God-forsaken land
And I'll shake the dust of my boots before I leave this place
Track Name: Early days of Buck Lee Jones
Looking from where I stand, it'll be hard to raise a boy
I can show him how to fight, but I won't save him from the world
A child is a blessing, even when you are alone to raise him without a mother on your own
My love, I'll miss you
And I'll tell him all about you
I hope he'll have your eyes
Standing from a distance, my thoughts, far away
On the day when you'll be gone, but I'll have to stay
And it's all that I can think of, since I first laid eyes on you
You'll be gone to be your own cowboy, as I told to
And if it's all it is, than it is all the same
For I also had to go be far away
To see you in my old days
You'll be fine on your own
But stay true to what I called, boy
And I called Buck Lee Jones
So don't go change it, like others do
Trying to hide it all away
And keep the thought of your mother and you old man
Who will always be there for you
Even when you're far away
Riding out into the world to find your own place
Track Name: Old
You jump in the car of stranger, in a rode you never saw
You take the hands of that man, and live the life that you dreamed of
But soon your life goes by, and you don't know where it went
To be off to seek solace in the face of emptiness
Nine days they were, yet ten they have been
It makes no difference, it matters not to me
For the road ahead is fading, and I hear the Lord calling me
To pick me up in His hands, forever gaze upon His seat
You lay in a bed of roses, in a place you never saw
A ship sailing far ahead, to a place it won't return
For my lines here are written, and my days counted beforehand
To wait at rest for mine
Track Name: Red Rose
I hear the pace of the galloping
Coming to claim my last breath
And you were home, Oh, you were home
I couldn't stay, only flee
But one thing is all I know
Whether together or alone
You know I'll always be the one for you
My holster is gone, revolver alone
I just whistle a song to the wind
I left a rose, so red a rose
I left it laying by your feet
And one thing is all I know
You are together, I'm alone
Left to ride the everlasting rode
Track Name: The Traveler
As the crow flies above my head
A murderous sun does burn
I've been down this stream before
Lest life would take its turn
Aversion to the absence
Fear of enduring distance
As taste and touch slowly fade away
But I guess I'll never know what road lies ahead
Will it lead to life or lead down to death?
Only one way I know
Some took wages on his clothes
Others hung him on a poste
The wisest chose to love him as they would
Misteries of life may be revealed in time
But a fool is he who claims to know it all
I'll sit on the plains and wacth it all go by
I'll see wise turn fool, and these turn wise
And I'll see all of you who claim to know it all
Lest life would take its turn
Track Name: Missing Home
I see myself alone on the highway, gone
And everything behind me is said and done
I left my girl the jewels of our love
Our two-year-old boy and my old fat dog
I said before that I'd be back
My time on the road never lasts
It feels so good sometimes to be alone
But after a while I'm already missing home
I left my heart behind to be alone
But I carry in my mind the weight undone
And everything I have fits in my pockets
A picture of a love who no longer loves