Things that once were

by The Gypsy Vanner

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The Gypsy Vanner is fronted by Renato De Medeiros, former guitarist for the Brazilian alternative rock band Kung Fu Johnny, and was recorded at Cantilena Studios in Natal, Brazil, by former bandmate and collaborator Ian Medeiros.

"Things that once were" builds on elements of classic rock, traditional bluegrass and cowboy folklore to deliver raw, one-take recordings that tap into the collective consciousness of journeymaking and all the sweetness that springs from it. While the stories are fictional, the narrative is timeless. Enjoy the journey.


released August 11, 2013

Renato de Medeiros: guitars, words, banjo;
Ian Medeiros: drums, harmonica, rec & mix



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The Gypsy Vanner Indianapolis, Indiana

Dark blues, rusty, dusty cowboy shit...

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Track Name: Take me home
Midnight train calls me home, so many reasons to be gone
Someone told a lie to tell the truth, so many reasons to say no
But I wa gone and you stayed, you're alive, I'm just awake
Oh, love, tel me where you're staying!
Call my name, take my hand, take me home...
Have a saying in my life, have me stay in one more night
'Cause I have no other place to go than you
And I was lost, but you were found
While you floated, I could drown
Oh, my love, tell me ehy you're gone
Call my name, take my hand, take me home
Track Name: The pale-faced horse
I got lost in my way, left alone, trapped, astray
Could see no light deep inside the woods
I hear a pace around me, yet I see no face
The fire in my heart is out, as I feel the cold wind embrace
My eyes black out, I reach my gun, as I hear the galloping
Does it come to take my life, or the pale face I see will guide me home?
As I stop in time, and truth follows me
It unravels faces that I've never seen
And the pale one leads me to the light, casts away the shadows, and brings me back to life...
Track Name: Palomino
For what i worth, please take my hand
Let's walk outside, as we once did
And things that never were will be, and things that once were we'll keep way deep inside like treasured gold
And speak the truth untold...
you canme to me like a sudden dream that portrays life as we all wish
Not dark, not cold, no pain, no lies
Stairs that lead up to the sky
And lights that shine upon your path, and bring you back at last
So find your way through this life
To find your way through this life
With me
Track Name: Broken bones
I could see, concealed in the light
As my broken fingers hold me up right
Oh baby, meet me in my dreams
Where all you grasp is real, and better than you think
It's why I'd rather close my eyes, and evade reality
So today becomes tomorrow, when you'll be with me
The walk has been so long, many miles put on the heels of boots that will not rest until this dream becomes fulfilled
So baby shine a light, let your path lead you me,
Let the wind blow you away, may I find you on its wings....